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With 24/7 Global Security Inc, you can expect to receive our top-notch security service for yourself or the building you reside in or work in. We offer an eagle eye and guards with experience to look after everything and everyone in any property in and around the Homestead, FL area. We know how crucial safety is, and if we can help someone breathe easy – we’ll be happy to do so. Just give us a phone call today and request our stellar, dependable services! 

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Our Services

Security Services

Security Services

We offer the best residential and commercial security in the area and guarantee your safety at home or in your place of business. We’ll look out for the people and material things and ensure everything is protected at all times!
Community Complex Security

Community Complex Security

A community complex needs monitoring 24/7 because, with many people living in one place, keeping the peace is essential. We can look out for everyone in the complex and ensure they all feel safe and protected no matter the time of day!
Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

Some might not think so, but a construction site deserves reliable security, the same as a home or commercial building. There is plenty of equipment and expensive tools to keep safe, and we can ensure the site is well-protected from harm!
Hotel Security

Hotel Security

Hotels often receive all sorts of guests – high-standing and otherwise. That means the security needs to be next-level to monitor everything and everyone and keep the guests, staff, and the property safe. Rely on our skills to make that happen!
Shopping Center Security

Shopping Center Security

Shopping centers are vast, for the most part, which means they need plenty of reliable security. So many people walk in and out daily, and there is merchandise to protect – it could get pretty hectic. However, if you have our security – everything will be fine!

Feel Safe Anywhere, Anytime 

Feeling safe is essential no matter where or what you’re doing. But sometimes, you sense it is not enough to keep you away from the dangers. That’s when you need to start thinking of other options to keep yourself and your building even safer and have someone or a team land an extra eye or two to keep everything in order. Looking around for a leader among security guard companies in the area might be what you need to do!


What they’re Saying:

by Savanah Meyer on 24/7 Global Security Inc
Leader Among Security Guard Companies!

Truly a leader among security guard companies! I tried different ones for my condominium complex, and none have delivered the security and sense of safety I wanted to feel - except this company! The guards are alert in every way, and their vigilance is out of this world. They have such a keen eye for dangerous situations and know how to resolve each situation!

Trust Our Experience and Vigilance 

When it comes to feeling safe, keeping someone safe, or being on the lookout for the building and everything inside – you must trust vigilant guards and the best kind of security out there. That’s why we’re putting ourselves in front of the competition and promising that our number one goal has always been and will always be the safety of our customers and everything they want us to keep an eye out for. We’re experienced and know when we’re needed and how reliable we have to be!

More Areas We Serve

It’s hard keeping people and various residential and commercial buildings safe from harmful eyes and dangers, but with time our vigilance and experience have become steadfast. If you need a security guard or the perfect system to mark every move of every person at a specific place – you need us, and we’re glad to cater to several other areas. We love that we’re available to even more people!

  • Florida City City, FL
  • Pinecrest Village, FL
  • Glenvar Heights, FL
  • Country Walk, FL
  • Three Lakes, FL

Call 24/7 Global Security Inc when you need professional security services from people with experience in the field! We’re vigilant – we offer perfection – we have a keen eye! We’re the best to hire when you want to feel safe in your community complex, keep a hotel and its guests safe, or have someone on the lookout at a shopping center or construction site. We cover all the basics of security and then some. We go above and beyond and cater to anyone in and around the Homestead, FL area! 

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